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Couples Therapy

  Do you struggle to communicate with your spouse and find yourself repeating the same frustrating cycle over and over?  Have you lost the passionate connection you once shared and worry that you'll never find it again?

You've probably tried to talk about what's going on. Things got heated ... voices got louder ... someone ended up walking out of the room. You were both left helpless not knowing what to do next ... Is this your relationship?

If so, don't avoid dealing with your relationship problems and act like nothing is wrong. Instead, let us help you communicate like you never knew possible.

Our Therapists Specialize in Relationships

 Let our experts help you: 




Tap into the joy you once felt when you first met. We provide high quality, evidence-based care and have helped countless couples stay together for over 35 years. LGBTQ clients welcome.

Comprehensive Couples Assessments 

Our 4 session assessment process allows us to understand each of you personally as well as understanding your unique relationship. Together, we'll design your personalized therapy plan. 

Half-Day Intensive Therapy Program

Our "Half-Day Intensive" is a 180-minute session for couples who travel a long distance for therapy or those want to jumpstart their relationship. You'll receive an in-depth assessment of your relationship, your unique, personalized therapy plan and one follow-up therapy session. Please call for more detailed information.  

Individual, Child and Family Therapy

We help children and teens increase their confidence, make and keep strong friendships and work through school or academic problems. We help individuals strengthen and repair relationships, improve motivation and increase self esteem. We help families become a safe haven for each other, solve problems without blame and reinforce family strengths 

BluePrint for Change

You have our committment of sensitive, straight-forward feeback where we provide a "BluePrint for Change" within the first 3 visits. The experience, skills and techniques we use have produced remarkable results for over 35 years.


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Couples Half Day Intensive

LGBTQ Clients Welcome

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Individual & Family

Individual Therapy

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"BluePrint for Change" 


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